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Home Worship Resources


Worship inside the home is vital to proper fellowship with God, and with those inside your family. Ridgewood purposes to provide households with the tools they need to adequately disciple those whom they hold most dear. No matter the make up of one's household, we are all called to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Further Resources for Families:

Learn how to memorize Scripture through songs. Monthly, as a congregation we learn and sing a new worship song during Sunday's gathering - our "song of the month." These are often Scripture songs, but are sometimes new or old doctrinally rich hymns.

We encourage children to stay in the worship service (though we do have a room set up in the back for nursing moms to use). In case you are not comfortable having your children with you in the church service, here are some Suggestions for Helping Your Children in Worship.

Here is a link to a great book on the history and practice of home worship.

We use the Truth and Grace Memory Books (TAG) to teach children of all ages doctrine, songs of the faith, and scripture memory.

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