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"Ridgewood believes that church is not something we do, but it is something we are. We strive to promote and produce times where individuals and families can bear fruit by being involved in missions and serving others."

Hospitality Command

Members of Ridgewood delight in reaching out to all people and have embraced the biblical commands to be hospitable by using their homes as a place of ministry.


Harvest Projects

As a part of the Harvest Vision, each household of Ridgewood has adopted a mission project to support directly. The many works that are supported are located locally, nationally, and worldwide such as Mexico, Belize, Trinidad & Tobego, and Africa to name a few. Mission opportunities are also available through the SBTC, NAMB, and the IMB.


Adoption Assistance Ministry

Ridgewood Church is committed to supporting the ministry of adoption. We understand that the "brick and mortar" needed to house needy children has already been built. They are the homes of believers who make up the body of Christ. Through the Adoption Assistance Ministry, Ridgewood families are able to assist prospective adopting or fostering families by offering encouragement, support, resources, and financial assistance.


Diaper Bank

After many years of having a Food Pantry ministry that served the needs of our community, Ridgewood is refocusing its resources and efforts to serve individuals and families in our city by starting a Diaper Bank. The Diaper Bank will assist single moms and families with small children who need assistance with the high costs of diapers. This ministry is under construction and more information will be available soon!


Barnabas Ministry

The Barnabas Ministry is in place to meet the needs of the household of faith. Whether the need is joyous such as helping a family welcome a new baby in the home or whether the need is sorrowful due to a tragic event or loss of job, the members of Ridgewood Church are able to assist their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who make up the family of God at RC.


Outreach Port Arthur

"Meeting the spiritual and social needs of the people of Port Arthur"


Ridgewood Church along with other sister churches and the Southern Baptist of Texas State Convention has partnered to create Outreach Port Arthur to meet the ever changing demands and needs in the city. OPA's mission is to mobilize existing churches to evangelize the lost in the Port Arthur, Texas area, resulting in changed lives, church growth and new church starts. Anyone can join an OPA Reach Team and start serving immediately. To learn more about OPA visit

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